chubby big beautiful woman with man

Once upon a time, big women were considered the most beautiful of their age. Having enough money for food - weighing more than the working class - was considered a sign of great luxury and wealth. Big women were seen as strong, healthy, and desirable. So what happened, how did our society become obsessed with skinny, with paper-thin models and the holy grail of size zero? What happened to all the big beautiful women?


They haven't actually gone anywhere. There are countless big and beautiful celebrities in the spotlight, but many have been driven underground. In a world that doesn't appreciate them, a world that doesn't understand how sexy and unique they really are, you have to search for a big woman like a connoisseur searches for a rare and precious gem.

And make no mistake - that's what they are.


Big women will be some of the most funny, interesting, well-rounded people you'll ever met. They won't care about stupid things like appearances, not unless they're improving on their natural beauty as picturesque plus-sizes. A big woman is like a queen in both shape and soul.


Want to know why? Big women have big hearts. It's a cruel world out there, and big women have born the brunt of it for a long time. They know what it's like to be unwelcome, unwanted, rejected. They know how it feels to be unappreciated.


But like the old days of wealth and privilege, so too are beautiful women forged like swords out of the fire. Having grown up in a world that shuns them, big women are naturally resilient. They're bold and they're strong and they're a challenge worth pursuing. How many "normal" women have you picked up in your life? Is it difficult? Or are they a dime a dozen... crowded in bars, all over TV and magazines, with no more variety than a bag of chips full of empty air? Big women have big character. They can afford to. When their lives aren't consumed with calories and dominated by density, they can spend their time on other things, like hobbies, interests, and sex. In freeing themselves from the burden of shallow appearances, they can focus on other things, the things that matter. And that acceptance will extend to you! If you're a little insecure about your looks, a big woman is just what you need to reclaim your confidence and reaffirm your sense of self. Remember, they know what it's like to be judged. They won't do the same to you. They aren't stupid and superficial like the other 99% of the world. Skinny women, for all their shallow beauty, tend to have one flaw in common. They're all obsessed with size. Spend five minutes with a skinny chick and you'll be faced with endless interrogation about her figure. How does she look? Should she eat that? Do those pants make her look fat? Do you *care?* How much time have skinny women wasted in their quest to be thin? How much have they missed in life while they were too busy worrying about their weight instead of more important things?


Save yourself the torture and choose a big beautiful woman who has her head on straight. When you're with her, you won't have to worry about wasted salads and random crying jags in front of the mirror. Big women are smarter than that. Big women are enlightened. When they're big and beautiful and proud, it means they've discovered the truth - that advertising doesn't matter, that *size* doesn't matter - and they've stayed strong despite millions of dollars being pumped into the idea that they aren't good enough. Big women have big strength. Big women are fearless. In a culture obsessed with her figure, she's chosen to prioritize her personality instead, to care more about what's on her inside than her outer shell. If you have what it takes to look within, you may be surprised as well. Who knows? Your big beautiful woman might be smart or funny or daring or exciting. She might be the love of your life or just the best fling you've ever had. Regardless of your relationship, every step will be thrill. Where will you go? What will you do? Everything is new; every date can lead somewhere unexpected. Big women have big potential.


Once upon a time, big women were considered the most beautiful of their age. But who says they aren't anymore? You can appreciate them even if Hollywood can't. You can give them the love they crave, the passion they entice, the attention they deserve. With a big woman, you can have it all - the romance, the rapture, the sex - without any of the usual dating drama. You can have a woman who's big where it counts - heart and soul. With a big woman, you can have your cake and eat it too. You both can.

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